At Fleet Butler™ we are proud to offer professional concrete surface cleaning, both residentially and commercially, with one goal in mind. Bright, "Like New" concrete. With our dedicated concrete cleaning equipment we can efficiently clean your concrete surfaces, eliminating the common problem associated with pressure washer guns, an un-even clean. Our equipment evenly cleans the surface and uses much less water than a conventional pressure washer gun set-up. 

What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned? 

-Driveways                 -Pool Sides

-Walkways                  -Porches

-Patios                        -And More


Upon hiring Fleet Butler™ for your concrete cleaning, our Cleaning Specialist will explain our process from preparation, cleaning and post surface treatment (If Applicable). 

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"After pressure washing my own home I decided to clean my driveway as well. The driveway itself is large so I knew that the work would have to be split up into a couple days. After completing the first days work and the drive drying overnight, I saw that the surface was completely blotchy and not uniform. My wife found the guys at Fleet Butler, they quoted us a price over the phone, showed up a few days later and knocked the job out in no time! Our driveway was left bright and clean! The job was performed as promised, in a very timely manor. Highly recommend!"

Jerry D. - Southport, NC